ASPARi beschikt nu over hoogwaardige GPS

1 januari 2009

Last month MCS-laser deliverd high tech GPS equipment for ASPARi. The new Trimble equipment will give a boost to ASPARi's research. It is the backbone for accurate GPS position monitoring of paver and rollers.

The arrival of high end GPS systems

Machine Control Systems (MCS-Laser, The Netherlands) delivered five high-end Trimble GPS systems at ASPARi’s doorstep in October 2008. These systems were selected in close cooperation with Trimble® USA. Early this year ASPARi’s research caught their attention. They were so enthusiastic that they gladly provided these systems at acceptable educational rates. The systems will be the backbone for the process monitoring projects that will start in the New Year.

Up till now the GPS equipment needed to be hired or borrowed. Using different GPS equipment on every project meant that setting up required extra effort to make the different pieces of equipment work together. This is no longer the case. The new monitoring equipment enables ASPARi to act quickly and flexibly. ASPARi can conduct more projects during the asphalt paving season.

The monitoring kit consists of five SPS851 GPS receivers, an instrument to detect heading and several supporting tools. On monitoring projects one of the SPS851 will be used as a base station. The other SPS851’s will be mounted on the paver and the rollers. The SPS551H heading instrument, specific for the tandem roller, will be connected to the GPS mounted on the tandem roller enabling researchers to monitor echelon movements. Before the monitoring starts the base-station and the site will be calibrated. Once this is done the base station will send signals to correct the measurements of the other SPS851’s – as such the distortions due to atmospheric conditions will be filtered out.

The gathered data will be used to produce compaction contour plots, temperature contour plots and animations. The plots and animations are key in the analysis of the paving and compaction processes. To stimulate joint learning and process improvement the plots and animations are presented to the paving teams and roller operators. For more information on the monitoring process see other items on the ASPARi website.

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