Seirgei Miller presents ASPARi work to enthusiastic University of KwaZulu Natal students in South Africa

19 mei 2014

Seirgei Miller conducted a lecture at the University of KwaZulu Natal’s Civil Engineering Department, reporting on the research being conducted for the ASPARi network and its relevance for South Africa.

The ASPARi researcher, on a recent visit to attend the Road Pavements Forum Meeting in Durban, South Africa, visited the Civil Engineering Department of the University of KwaZulu Natal where he was hosted by Professor Phillip Everitt. Seirgei conducted a symposium titled “- THE ASPHALT PAVING PROCESS – NEW TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR PROCESS MONITORING AND CONTROL” to over 40 enthusiastic faculty members and final year students. The focus of the presentation was on the use of new tools and technologies (GPS, infrared cameras, laser linescanners and other new sensors) to make operational behavior explicit during paving and compaction operations. It is hoped that some students of the UKZN will be able to visit the Netherlands in an ASPARi-led exchange programme to learn more about the challenge of reducing variability in asphalt construction.

For more information on the regularly held Road Pavements Forum see The two-day meeting is held every 6 months in South Africa. Hot topics being discussed at these often interesting meetings include the need for Innovative Procurement Methods, Asset Management, Industry standards and specifications, education and training; and technology in practice.

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