Seirgei Miller visits the University of Cape Town

22 mei 2014

Seirgei Miller presented some of the ASPARi research on the effect of Temperature Variability during construction at the South African Institution of Civil Engineering’s branch meeting held on 22 May 2014.

Hosts Mark Zuidgeest and Mariaan Vanderschuren (incidentally both University of Twente doctoral graduates and both Dutch), organized an event under the auspices of  the University of Cape Town and the Western Cape Chapter of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE).  Seirgei presented a talk on “THE EFFECT OF VARIABILITY IN THE CONSTRUCTION PROCESS ON THE QUALITY OF ASPHALT LAYERS” to more than 30 civil engineers affiliated to SAICE in Cape Town.  The talk focused on the importance of asphalt mix temperature during compaction and the effect of compacting outside an ideal temperature “window of opportunity” in terms of the critical failure modes permanent deformation and fatigue cracking.

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