ASPARi and SABITA (South Africa) meet to discuss co-operation initiatives

12 juni 2014

André Dorée, Seirgei Miller and Saied Solomons meet to discuss knowledge and skills transfer between the Netherlands and South Africa.

In addition to attending the 8thEAPA symposium, André and Seirgei met with Saied Solomons, CEO of the South African Bitumen Association (SABITA) to discuss future initiatives regarding the transfer of knowledge and skills between South Africa and the ASPARi network. Both parties agreed that the transfer of knowledge and technology for the asphalt industry is important and that SABITA and ASPARi could play an active role in it.  An agreement was reached to facilitate skills transfer in a number of areas which are of relevance to the road construction industry in both countries. These include but are not limited to the Dutch experience around innovative procurement methods and the ASPARi  work around reducing variability in the asphalt construction process.

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André and Saied in discussion:

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