Latest version of Asphalt Open launched

16 juni 2014

ASPARi researchers at the University of Twente have launched the latest version of Asphalt Open.  The software, first developed by Timo Hartmann and Seirgei Miller in 2010, has been revised to make the data transformation to visualization process much easier and hence, significantly reduce the data processing time. This enables contractors to spend more time analyzing and interrogating their asphalt construction processes after the on-site measurements have been completed.

AsphaltOpen visualizes GPS data, asphalt mix temperature, and other physical properties such as the cooling of the asphalt layer, density progression and ambient weather conditions during construction. The data source to visualization is automated using AsphaltOpen’s structured and integrated database environment.  This version is currently being tested by researchers using data collected on current Process Quality improvement (PQi) exercises in the Netherlands. The screenshots below show some of AsphaltOpen’s visualization capabilities.

Typical machine path visualisation:

Typical Temperature Contour Plot (TCP):


Typical Compaction Contour Plot (CCP):

Typical TCP with grid activated:

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