Frank Bijleveld successfully defends his PhD thesis

2 april 2015

ASPARi researcher Frank Bijleveld successfully defended his PhD thesis on 21 January 2015. His thesis titled "Professionalising the asphalt construction process - Aligning information technologies, operator's knowledge and laboratory practices" focuses on a number of very important aspects relating to improving process control during asphalt construction operations. Please see Artikelen for a link to his thesis.


His contributions are summarised as follows:

  • The monitoring framework and the explicitly gathered data from 30 asphalt construction projects provide deeper insights into the asphalt construction process for improving the operational strategies of asphalt construction teams.
  • By implementing and using technologies in the asphalt construction process, an enhanced understanding is created of the technology adoption and implementation process in the traditional experiencedriven construction industry. This research provides evidence of the value of using new technologies and sensors, thereby breaking down barriers to technology adoption
  • The developed method-based learning model enhances the transition from current lengthy, experience-based learning towards method-based learning practices based on explicit data from the monitoring of on-site operational strategies. It leads to improved process and quality awareness and to improved communications with and within the asphalt team.
  • This research provides an enhanced understanding of the relevance of connecting laboratory procedures with the on-site construction process. Procedures were developed to better simulate field compaction in the laboratory based on on-site monitored data, in terms of compaction temperature, asphalt cooling and rolling regimes. The results of the laboratory experiments demonstrate that the on-site process parameters and activities substantially influence asphalt quality characteristics, by up to 30%.



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