Alexandr Vasenev successfully defends his PhD thesis

2 april 2015

The third researcher to graduate from the ASPARi unit, Alexandr Vasenev, successfully defended his PhD thesis on 27 March 2015. His thesis titled "Visualizing Asphalt Roller Trajectories in Context: Acquiring, Processing, and Representing Sensor Readings" was well-received by the examination committee. Please see Artikelen for a link to his thesis.


  • His contributions are summarised in the following abstract:

    The asphalt compaction process relies heavily on the skills and knowledge of roller operators who act alongside other stakeholders involved in asphalt paving. It is essential that these construction specialists: (1) are adequately informed about the initial temperature distribution of the asphalt layer – an essential context factor of asphalt compaction; and (2) have the possibility to improve their knowledge by reflecting on the already-conducted and alternative compaction strategies. Both these challenges can benefit from visualizing sensor readings that characterize trajectories of asphalt compaction equipment in the context of the temperature distribution of the asphalt layer.

    This thesis concentrates on developing several interconnected methods to acquire, process, and represent these sensor readings. The methods enable visualizing the sensor readings during the compaction process and after its completion. The corresponding visualizations are designed to inform process stakeholders located on-site and distant from the construction site. The methods build on and contribute to the field of construction informatics. These methods incorporate elements that account for known specifics of the asphalt compaction process. The suggested methods aim specifically to inform roller operators (and other construction specialists) about the temperature of the distributed asphalt layer and to provide them with ways to consider conducted (and alternative) trajectories with respect to their context. The suggested methods were iteratively developed, implemented, and tested with the help of asphalt paving specialists.



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