Muzzafer Bahceci studying compaction strategies

12 juni 2015

University of Twente bachelor student, Muzzafer Bahceci, is working on developing compaction strategies for a specific asphalt concrete mix at the new Boskalis laboratory in Nieuw Vennep.

To support roller operators in achieving a more consistent, method-based asphalt compaction process, there is a need to develop guided operational strategies for the compaction process. This entails matching, testing and validating compaction strategies  on site and in the laboratory, for specific asphalt mixtures under specific conditions. The aim is to develop method-based operational strategies that can be simulated, tested and validated before construction commences. Muzzafer will apply the laboratory methdology developed by Frank Bijleveld (see for details) and will add an additional Workability test to the developed methodolgy. The workability test has been developed and tested by Boskalis (see for more details).

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