Bachelor projects successfully completed

10 september 2015

The 5 ASPARi bachelor projects started in May have been completed with all students successfully defending their projects.

To recap, the students and their projects were as follows:

  • Marjolein Glaesloot was based at the Asfalt Centrale Hengelo where her mentor was Jeroen van der Spiegel. She studied the effect of moisture on the asphalt production process.

  • Ruben Olthof was based at the Asfalt Productie Westerbroek (APW)  where he was mentored by Albertus Steenbergen (Roelofs) and Gerard Wolters (Asfalt Productie Westerbroek). He studied possibilities for reducing CO2 emissions at the plant.

  • Mark Castelijns was based at Boskalis and mentored by Berwich Sluer. He made the first steps in developing a Risk Contour Plot for asphalt construction.

  • Sjon Van Dijk was based at BAM (mentored by Marco Oosterveld) and the UT (mentored by Seirgei) working on one of the projects related to the 3TU funded project mentioned in the May edition of the newsletter. His project involves studying the application of passive RFID sensors to monitor asphalt temperature and other parameters during the construction process.

  • Muzzafer Bahçeci was based at the Boskalis laboratory and mentored by Berwich Sluer and Natasha Poeran. He undertook a project in the context of developing mix-specific compaction strategies for roller operators. He combined the Boskalis developed Workability Test with Frank Bijleveld’s procedure to simulate site compaction in the laboratory.

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