Annual Symposium a success

2 februari 2018

The Annual ASPARi Symposium took place at the SOMA College in Harderwijk. The symposium once again proved to be very popular amongst asphalt experts with more than 50 delegates attending the annual event. While it started out as a mini-symposium a few years ago to showcase our students’ work, the event has since then grown in stature.

The symposium was attended by public clients, the EAPA, contractors, technology firms and asphalt experts from all over the Netherlands. In addition, two presentations were given by our Belgian colleagues from the University of Antwerp. Bachelor students Floran Witting, Trung Nguyen and Tom Bankras presented their projects which were all related to the efficiency of asphalt plants. Recently graduated Master students Peter Perton and Keoma Ong-A-Fat presented their work on developing High Reliability Paving Crews and Context Aware GPS Filtering respectively. Marjolein Galesloot and Peter-Jan Runneboom are both working on developing more efficient paving practices and provided updates of their Master projects scheduled for completion in the first half of 2018. The university presentations were rounded off with Denis Makrov presenting the final outcomes of his successful Real-time Process Control Project and Priya Darshini giving a status report on the Developing Guided Compaction Strategies project.

Two of our ASPARi contractors provided thought provoking presentations on current issues. Firstly, Natascha Poeran presented a recent innovative Boskalis training initiative where their operators made use of Segways (instead of real pavers and rollers) to mimic complex asphalt constructions including roundabouts. Berwich Sluer (Boskalis) and Marco Oosterveld (BAM) gave an interesting overview of the added value of the PQi monitoring data. Their presentation formed part of a plenary discussion moderated by Alex van der Wal. The most interesting and sometimes heated discussed centred on what the most critical next steps were in process monitoring and variability reduction in order to improve the final quality of the constructed asphalt. The symposium was rounded off with a demonstration of Denis’ Real-time Process Control System at the SOMA’s asphalt training centre. According to most of the attendees, it proved to be an interesting and very informative event. It appears that everyone is looking forward to the next symposium to be held in December 2018. We certainly are!!

Take a look at some of the symposium pictures by clicking here

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