ASPARi - Paving the way forward

ASPARi - short for Asphalt Paving Research & Innovation - is a cooperative network of organisations that work together in research projects and technology development to improve the performance of the asphalt road construction industry. The issues around more professional approaches to asphalt paving became relevant and pressing due to changes in the business environment. In 2007 the ASPARi founders agreed to bundle the ongoing activities to to pave the way forward to a high professionised asphalt contruction industry. The proud ASPARi founders are:


The ASPARi team focuses on innovation and performance in the asphalt paving process, having recently consulted key role players in the industry and subsequently publishing a number of conference papers in this research area. The research is aimed at improving quality and consistent reduction of quality variability in the hot mix asphalt (HMA) paving process and consciously working towards professionalising the asphalt paving process. The team is currently involved in several initiatives involving key role players in the road construction industry, the national roads authorities, training schools, research institutes and international partners.

Key in the ASPARi approach is

  • using new SMART Technologies (as GPS, thermography, imaging, pervasive networks)
  • to create insights into the paving process and give feedback to the operators
  • to reduce variability and enhance control in the paving process
  • to continuously advance productivity
  • to improve product quality for the clients
  • to reduce risks for the paving companies

The ASPARi founders hold a strong conviction that changes in the industry can only happen [a] when research and technology development are driven by practice, [b] when it is guided by scientific rigor, and [c] when it involves the people working in practice in an action research and RTD program.


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