The ASPARi unit at the Department of Civil Engineering is currently involved in a 4TU project studying the application of Fibre Optic Sensor (FOS) in asphalt to monitor certain process parameters. The FOS technology based on integrated photonics offers specific benefits including thermal mapping, damage detection and shape- and distributed sensing. Several challenges have been highlighted during pilot testing including the range of temperature detection capabilities, the  loading/pressure sensing capabilities, preventing damage to the sensor and disturbing the asphalt layer during the installation process. The latter highlights the high-risk challenge of installing the sensor into the asphalt layer in a non-invasive manner (without disturbing the asphalt) so that temperature-, pressure-, shape detection and other parameters are accurately measured during the life cycle of the asphalt pavement. In short, sensors needs to be embedded in a manner conducive for highly accurate structural condition monitoring of the proces

The focus of this proposed Living Lab Project is therefore on the installation of FOS into existing asphalt layer(s) on the UT campus, so that the benefits of thermal mapping, damage detection, shape- and distributed sensing can be realised for constructed asphalt layers. Accurately monitoring key process parameters after construction using the appropriate sensor technology should provide more insight into the behaviour of the asphalt layer during its service life (especially during critical periods e.g. freeze-thaw cycles). This critical data can be used to develop strategies for extending the service life (durability) of asphalt pavements.  

This project therefore aims to: “Develop and install a Health Condition Monitoring System for asphalt roads on the UT campus”.

Three focal areas are proposed:

1.       Develop a robust, affordable and accurate condition monitoring system for asphalt layers based on heterogeneous sensor modality and reliable wireless communication

2.       Install a prototype FOS system for asphalt condition monitoring which can guarantee long lasting and accurate monitoring, and

3.       Demonstrate the concept on 2 roads on the UT campus.


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2 mei 2018

Op 11 april 2018 organiseerde ASPARi en een aantal betrokken opdrachtgevers samen met Platform WOW en het Infra-Innovatie Netwerk de ASPARi Opdrachtgeversdag.

12 maart 2018

It is Bachelor project season at the University of Twente. Our bachelor students are searching for suitable topics and companies where they can undertake their final project theses. Many choose to do their projects in-house with ASPARi researchers. A list of project topics are available.   

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